Welcome to my world, the magical world of Fram, the polar bear!

Fram, the Polar Bear” is the title of the children’s book written by Cezar Petrescu and published in 1931. The adventure of Fram, the polar bear, is one of the most famous Romanian children’s book. Due to its success, the novel was adapted in 1983 in a six-episode TV series.

And now we want to bring the story of the polar bear Fram to another level, in line with the times that we live in. We have created for this 10 books adapted after the original novel in a style and shape suited for the children of the 21st century.

These books that are recommended for pre-school and school children follow the journey of the polar bear Fram from the North Pole to celebrity and back, offering an unprecedented reading experience. The interactive digital versions of the 10 books feature auto reading and syllabification functions that are triggered when touching the screen and contain over 3,500 audio and visual syllabified words.

Fram’s World also contains over 30 educational books that help preschool children in specific areas: books that explain the colors, the animal world or the geometric shapes, the hygiene rules or the good manners, as well as books that help them pass through difficult moments, such as the divorce of their parents, the birth of a brother or sister, the fear of the dark or loneliness, and also books that develop their orthographic skills, writing and reading, or that enrich their education and culture.

All these have been created in collaboration with psychological and pedagogical professionals to meet the exact needs of children and to provide them a reading experience appropriate to their age.

If you represent a publishing company or want to use the “Fram’s World” brand in your merchandising process, our team is looking forward to collaborative proposals. Send us a message via the contact form (click here) or an email to asistent@LumealuiFram.ro. We will surely respond in the shortest time possible.

Fram and his friends
Discover the magical world of Fram, the Polar Bear.
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FRAM is the most lovable polar bear cub in the world. Courageous, friendly and eager to learn, he left behind the Ice Country to discover the world of people without looking back. That’s why he got the name “Fram”, which means in Norwegian “Forward”.

I'm Poly

The Brazilian parrot, a POLYchromatic, POLYglot and POLite bird that is a true know-it-all. He reads a lot, talks a lot and has an answer for everything. Of course, he does not always have the right answers, but that does not stop him from being nagging and moralistic almost all the time.

I am Rina

The little rhinoceros girl, dreaming to become a balleRINA. She likes flowers, classical music, rum baba and romantic stories. She wears pink peleRINes and would look in show cases all the time, to see if she looks good. She’s very dreamy, a little moody, but she’s generally a pleasant presence (that’s as long as she’s not annoying, then it’s quite different …)

I am Arpi

The hedgehog ARPI has the most strange and unexpected ideas. He is a scooter and skateboard champion, but he does not wear a helmet: with his hairstyle, that’s really impossible (did you know that hedgehogs can have up to 7,000 spikes?). He likes beach balls, balloons and inflatable mattresses, but due to natural reasons, they don’t last long when he plays with them.

I am Hopi!

The acrobat of the group, she is as childish and curious as any marten would be. She does not have the patience to stay too long in one place (she’s always “hop-hop’s”, this is how she earned her name) and she’s always the first when it comes to action or adventure. She goes through everything and everyone’s stuff even when she’s not supposed to. Of course she gets into trouble every time, but what are good friends for, if not to get you out of trouble?

I'm Ulmo

The turtle Ulmo is the inventor and scholar of the group. A little shy and reserved (not just in his shell), he speaks a little because he thinks a lot. He’s rushed all the time, but that’s not very noticeable, because Ulmo is hurrying slowly like all turtles. His shell is like a magic wardrobe, from which he takes out, if necessary, all kinds of tools and objects invented by him. He is very wise, for who has the patience (and time, a lot of time) to listen to him.

Fram 2