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12-12-2016 Fram, the Polar Bear. Do you remember him? Wasn’t it the most fluffy and friendly polar bear you ever heard of? We did not forget him! On the contrary. We have dedicated our energy and talent in the last year to make him famous again! Let’s introduce him to your little ones!

We have adapted the established novel “Fram, the Polar Bear” into 10 books with high-quality graphic art illustrations accompanied by texts adapted from the chapters of the original novel that feature as central element the adventures of the character Fram.

On 12-12-2016, the crowd-funding campaign (pre-sale) was completed successfully and we managed to get 183% of the proposed amount, namely 23,512 RON, from 121 supporters.

With the occasion of the winter holidays, because we exceeded the minimum limits and had wonderful supporters, we managed together with the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family and the Răul-Sebastian Association to bring joy to some children from hospitals and foster care centers.


We thank all those who supported this campaign:

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   Libraria Tutimi si Titoc      File De Vis Cristina Otel BlogBlogul Mamei

   Revista Comics Wow MomCentrul de ParentingLearning Hub

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    FRAM is the most lovable polar bear cub in the world. Courageous, friendly and eager to learn, he left behind the Ice Country to discover the world of people without looking back. That’s why he got the name “Fram”, which means in Norwegian “Forward”.

    I'm Poly

    The Brazilian parrot, a POLYchromatic, POLYglot and POLite bird that is a true know-it-all. He reads a lot, talks a lot and has an answer for everything. Of course, he does not always have the right answers, but that does not stop him from being nagging and moralistic almost all the time.

    I am Rina

    The little rhinoceros girl, dreaming to become a balleRINA. She likes flowers, classical music, rum baba and romantic stories. She wears pink peleRINes and would look in show cases all the time, to see if she looks good. She’s very dreamy, a little moody, but she’s generally a pleasant presence (that’s as long as she’s not annoying, then it’s quite different …)

    I am Arpi

    The hedgehog ARPI has the most strange and unexpected ideas. He is a scooter and skateboard champion, but he does not wear a helmet: with his hairstyle, that’s really impossible (did you know that hedgehogs can have up to 7,000 spikes?). He likes beach balls, balloons and inflatable mattresses, but due to natural reasons, they don’t last long when he plays with them.

    I am Hopi!

    The acrobat of the group, she is as childish and curious as any marten would be. She does not have the patience to stay too long in one place (she’s always “hop-hop’s”, this is how she earned her name) and she’s always the first when it comes to action or adventure. She goes through everything and everyone’s stuff even when she’s not supposed to. Of course she gets into trouble every time, but what are good friends for, if not to get you out of trouble?

    I'm Ulmo

    The turtle Ulmo is the inventor and scholar of the group. A little shy and reserved (not just in his shell), he speaks a little because he thinks a lot. He’s rushed all the time, but that’s not very noticeable, because Ulmo is hurrying slowly like all turtles. His shell is like a magic wardrobe, from which he takes out, if necessary, all kinds of tools and objects invented by him. He is very wise, for who has the patience (and time, a lot of time) to listen to him.

    Fram 2